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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 29, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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person responsible in the city's 29th homicide of the year. >> the coastal cloud will keep us cool, then that summer air comes back. we're talking about 90s and even triple digits before our next round of rain. >> and we've had a number of reports of little issues around the bay, not the least of which is the slowdown around the toll plaza. we'll tell you what's going on coming up. >> and a live look outside here on your monday morning, folks just getting out of their houses, finding open roadways for now. we'll be checking back in with mike. in is monday, september 29th, and you are watching "today in the bay". >> and a good monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia-cannon is off today. two men are behind bars accused
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of setting eight different fires in almeida within just a couple of hours over the weekend. stephanie chuang is live in the downtown area. the fires have crippled local businesses and we heard from one man earlier who was not even open for business yet. >> reporter: exactly. the owner of angelo's restaurant, you can see just how bad the damage is here behind park street and to the right. bright cleaners also. this restaurant is supposed to open in as early as ten days. police have arrested a 27-year-old almeida man and a 22-year-old transient who they say intentionally set these eight fires that damaged at last five businesses and put at least four families out of their homes between 1:00 and 5:00 sunday morning. the owner of angelo's restaurant said it just underwent a remodel and was gearing up to open in
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october but now faces uncertainty because they didn't have insurance set up just yet. i'm pretty numb right now, can't think. i looked through the door and the roof is gone. i don't know if they'll be able to build it again. >> business owners did take what they could, including some computers. we understand a multi-agency task force is investigating these fires. police saying they arrested the two men on suspicion of arson because they were found really close by. the investigation is ongoing but still we don't know what the motive is just yet. >> thank you, steph. >> there is a growing fear in a san jose neighborhood this morning following a rise in violent climb. we stand the victim here was a young father of two, who is also expecting a child.
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terrible. >> yes. unfortunately you're correct. good morning to you, sam. san jose police still do not know who shot and killed this man in the back, nor do they know why he was murdered. they do not have a motive. the only certainty is the air where he was murdered is no where near as safe as it used to be. >> i believe it is getting worse. >> reporter: these candles, card and flower mark the location of the homicide that took place saturday night. this man believed to be in his 20s was shot several times from behind while in this driveway off monterey in san jose. one woman said she heard five gunshot and then heard the sound of a car racing off. >> my son hear the shots and after one car go faster. >> reporter: paramedics pronounced the man dead in the very spot where he was gunned down. police haven't publicly identified him yet but people
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tell us he had two young daughters and, as you mentioned, sam, another child on the way. he's the city's 29th homicide of the year. compared to this time last year san jose had already recorded 39 murders. that area where this man was killed has seen a lot more violence as of late. coming up, we'll hear from a person who will tell us who what is changed about her neighborhood. reporting live here at san jose police headquarters, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> a man is wanted by sacramento police for allegedly tying a dog to a bowling ball and drowning it in the river opinion the dog, a 12-year-old border collie named zelda was found in june. the dog had a microchip and she said she put the dog in meeks' care.
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he said he surrendered the dog to a shelter. >> and court workers are voting whether or not to strike over stalled contract negotiations. they're asking for a 3% to 3.5% wage increase. voting on whether to strike began wednesday and it will end today. >> san jose voters have another chance to hear from the two mayoral candidates. they will answer questions in a forum hosted by the silicon valley leadership group. this is video of the two debating over the weekend. for today's event, scott budman is among the panelists. it starts at 6:30 tonight. >> maybe a little bit of a cooler start to your work week but how much longer can we wait for those conditions? christina, do we have a warmup
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in sight this week? >> you know because i already told you that we do. i already told you, sam. >> he was listening! >> take a live look at san jose. i haven't given you -- changing this week, a limb something for everybody. rain chances. when we lose those, we start to get concerned. we're looking at a system potential to to come in here wednesday, thursday, friday. it looks like high pressure will keep that system well out of our area. for us, we're going to warm you were and once that ridge breaks down, as we get into next week, we're looking for some rain, maybe two or three days' worth. you can break out the fall clothes today, the spring close
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for wednesday and then we're going right back to summer for thursday and friday. and for the kids as well, it's fun to get them dressed, mike. i don't have kids but you tell me it's fun. >> dressing them up and making them take pictures, it is fun. swung the camera around. i think we may still have this last lane still closed. an easy drive coming down. i show you the map, you see no slowing. a couple notes for san francisco, we know the folsom street offramp is closed. howard street closed between 3rd and 4th like it was late last week. all week oracle world continues so expect a slower drive through
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that portion of the city. getting across town will be a real big problem all week. an easy, light volume for west 92. over at the toll plaza on the hayward side, a stalled vook approaching the toll plaza. san mateo bridge, no problem and an easy drive across the span. san jose, 101, a steady volume of traffic. the construction we saw 280 at 17 picked up one crew but we still have the one crew from overnight. back to you. >> thank you very much. five additional bodies have been found on that volcano that erupted on saturday in japan. now 36 people have been confirmed dead. overnight recovery efforts were stopped as crews had to retreat from toxic gasses and ash. at least 200 people were hiking
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when it suddenly blew up. they said rocks fell like hail stones and they had trouble even breathing and opening their eyes. >> and now this is part of the power sharing deal by the two candidates set up by secretary of state john kerry. >> donetsk has been hit by the worst shelling in more than a week. three were killed, four others wounded overnight. this comes hours after a spectacular light show in the sky over central ukraine. the small city celebrated its 583rd anniversaryly launching a record number of chinese lanterns. 19,000 lanterns were released into the night sky to show
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ukrainians are united and want peace. >> nice show of solidarity there. >> it is national coffee day. where you can go get a free cup of joe next. >> we got ours.
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welcome back. it is 5:1 on your monday morning as we take a look at a darkened san jose. some city lights on. eventually that sun will peek out, hopefully bringing with it
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some nice weather. we'll check in with christina momentarily. >> now an investigative unit exclusive. it has been held up as a shiny example of what works in a broken veteran's hospital system. the va center in palo alto has been trumpeted as a clinic that works but there are claims that call that into investigation. some veterans who went to war are now battle for critical dental care they need. pictures taken in july show hundreds of cases representing the hundreds of patients that are still unfinished and sitting on shelves at the v.a. dental lab. some cases date back to 2011. the chief the dental services admit there has been a back log
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but she says it has been addressed. >> how long have some patients waited? >> i am aware that some patients have waited up to two years. >> is that acceptable? >> that is not acceptable. that's why we are making the changes we are making. the staffing shortage and support staff shortage have been addressed. >> we've found evidence that back logs ten there. ton we take you inside that dental clinic to hear from veterans themselves about how bad that problem is and how it's affecting them. >> 5:14 right now on your monday. good news for international flyers. the next time you go to europe, can you keep your cell phone handy. under new rules by the european aviation safety agency, passengers can now use their electronics for individual
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flights. individual airlines will have to decide whether they want to allow phone calls on flights. passengers on u.s. flights don't have to turn their phones off. they've been told to keep them on airplane mode. let's turn to kate rogers, who is live at cnbc world headquarters on this monday. good morning, kate. >> good morning, sam. futures are lower after the markets ended last week in the red despite friday's rally. it was the worst week for stocks in about months, the dow closing up or down more than 100 points every day last week. back to you. >> thank you very much. appreciate that. >> it is national coffee day, and that means you can get a free cup of joe to start off
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your monday at participating krispy kreme stores. participating dunkin' donuts stores are also participating. most people who drink coffee, drng it eve drink it every single day. >> is it zagat or zagat? >> i think it's either way. she's so pensive. >> okay, now -- you say burrito, i say burrato for breakfast with
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coffee. >> we are just glad it's bay area. 61 for the bay area, 61 for the east shore. silicon valley, everyone who works in the tech history, you want to get outdoors today, outdoors with the ipad. bring your phone, do whatever you need to do to get outside because it's going to be hot soon and then you'll want that a.c. temps in the 60s to start. we're heading toward the triple digits. don't put away your summer wardrobe just yet. feeling like fall today, more of the same tomorrow. two superb days before we bring in the heat. at 4:00, still expecting a good amount of cloud cover at the coast. that cool ocean air transported all the way inland making perfect conditions. it's really hard to beat. mainly sunny and 78 in the south
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bay. 71 at the peninsula. in the south bay 67 degrees. we'll see fog in the city by the bay. the north bay is looking good at about 80 degrees up in wine country. oakland, oakland, i still love you, 72 degrees. we'll have more on that coming up. i'm not giving up on you raiders just good. san francisco and so does the tri-valley. then this high temperature ridge and will make our temperatures quite a bit warmer, i'm talking about 90s and triple digits in the tri-valley by the end of the week. low 90s on the way for friday. not going to be an indian summer, though, overall with rain chances for the second week
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of october. we'll talk more about that coming up. first here's mike and your drive. >> looking over here toward the dublin area, we're picking up the volume a little bit. we'll look through this stretch and do see the speeds coming down into the yellow zone. northbound has more flowing. an easy drive and predictable drive out of the altimont. and the south bay an easy drive as well. northbound route looking good right now. still have a couple of crews and no big surprises. fremont coming into the south bay pass, the struck scales picking up the volume a little bit. we'll look at the other side of the bay at palo alto. 101 past university avenue. the peninsula has no delays.
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the north bay, looking also toward san rafael. you pick up a little volume but no drama. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. >> in west texas right now there are five confirmed cases of t e tuberculosis infections. >> a new report is urging people to prevent teen pregnancy. the american academy of pediatrics is recommending long acting forms of contraceptives
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for teens. the academy says any method of protection is safer than teen pregnancy. it is urging doctors to assess a teen's risk for sexually transmitt transmitted diseases and educate them on birth control. >> justices will be trying to figure out if they want to hear any of the three same-sex marriage lawsuits during the next term which begins october the 6th. if they decide to begin one or more of those cases, a ruling about whether same-sex marriage must be allowed in all states individually could come by july.
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new york yankee shortstop derek jeter is hanging up his cleats for the last time. he played his last game yesterday against the boston red sox. the red sox players gave hand f gave him a standing ovation when he left the game. >> the perfect way for him to end, too. really happy for him. >> the warriors using social media to spread news of the new team uniform. >> instead of calling a normal media event, golden state invited ten top tweeters to check out those uniforms themselves. among the group, twitter ceo jim costello. the team will first wear the
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alternate jerseys on november 15th. >> i like the color. >> a player turned coach showed he still has it. ohio state's assistant football coach tackled an excited fan who ran on to the field in the second quarter. oh, yeah, you get out of here. the former linebacker got to the man before the police could to drag him off the field. that fan is supposed to appear in court today. >> don't run into the biggest player. don't run out at all. >> the paparazzi is staking out the spot in venice, italy where clooney and his new life amal alamuddin will be taking part in
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a civil ceremony, reportedly will be officiated by rome's mayor, who is a personal friend of george clooney's. >> i'll bet the toasts were interesting. >> i'm sure they were. >>tinchristina, who showed up at your wedding? was george clooney there? >> no, i would have been happy if george costanza showed up. but he has a really cool woman there. google her if you don't know she is. we are going to crank up the heat. if you wanted to get that tank top out, one last hurrah, you're going to get that tonight.
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i'll tell you what that heat will break. >> when i hear tank top, hurrah is not the word i hear. i told up about a stalled vehicle over on the left. vehicles coming in fast so watch the lanes there. the bay bridge an easy drive right now. no problem when we do have the right approach right here, backing up for those cash lanes. fast track an easy drive but this is a typical pattern. golden gate bridge, can you see this view, no problem. howard street closed between third and fourth in the city all week. back to you. >> the south bay father who says he was protecting his son when he attacked another man prepares to face a judge this morning. >> pl
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. >> and we are looking live at the bay bridge right now. we see traffic picking up just a little bit there, but clear skies and enjoy the cooler temperatures while we have them because we have a spike coming up. we're going to check with
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christina and mike in just a bit. this is monday, september 29th and this is "today in the bay." it is 5:30 right now. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia-cannon is off today. >> and i'm some brock. this morning several businesses will be cleaning up after they were hit by alleged arsonists. stephanie chuang joins us live. steph, the arsonist started eight fires? >> reporter: that's right. police have two money in custody. they say the men set eight fire, including damaging this one completely. a restaurant with a sign out front that says "open in october." the future now certainly
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unclear. it is one of five businesses damaged. at least four families were forced out of their homes. the owners of angelo's restaurant said he and his family just bought the restaurant in june and after remodelling were getting set to open in october. >> we were supposed to work on menus and trainings starting tomorrow. >> reporter: that was supposed to start today. that on hold indefinitely. police saying the two men arrested were found close to the fires which were set in a seven-block radius. the motive is still unclear and a multi-agency task force is investigating. the folks here were talking about how they were trying to save what they could from inside
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the building, including a few computers after being in business for decades. you see the wreckage here and you saw the flames. in about 30 minutes, hear from a witness who was here when all the chaos erupted. >> thank you very much, stephanie. >> a growing memorial stands where a san jose father was killed during a dry-by shooting, making it the 29th homicide of the year. bob, the neighborhood where this happened is used to seeing a rise in crime they say. >> reporter: unfortunately. good morning to you, kris. the people who live there tell us gun violence is becoming a much bigger problem, evidenced by what happened there this past weekend on saturday night in this driveway off monterey, someone shot a young man believed to be in his 20s. they shot him several times in the back and then drove off. can you see that small memorial
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marks the spot where he was pronounced dead by paramedics. police have yet to publicly identify the victim. but neighbors tell us he had two young daughters and another child on the way. unfortunately he's not the first to be shot in that area. we spoke with a woman who lives in that neighborhood. >> reporter: were you surprised to hear there was another shooting? >> no. >> reporter: why? >> because it happens in this area quite a bit. >> reporter: she says her father was recently robbed at gun point. san jose police have yet to make an arrest in this weekend's murder against this man in his 20s that took place saturday night. nor do they have a motive. he's the 29th person to be murdered in the city. last year at this time the city had already recorded 39 homicides. fortunately at least there's ten
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less this year. reporting live, bob redell. >> thanks, bob. >> 46-year-old francisco is said to have assaulted a man after being confronted by an indecent exposure at the park. that claim has not been substantiated. >> we could find out more about last week's deadly shooting involving an officer and a suspect. it started as a car chase through three bay area counties and then into san francisco. the suspected carjacked a woman in richmond and reportedly shot at bystanders and police and then returned fire, killing him. >> neighbors in one eastern bay
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community are getting the all clear this morning after a suspicious device was safely detonated by the bomb squad. several flares wrapped together with rifle rounds were rapid together. people were told to close all windows and doors until that device was detonated. nobody was hurt. this morning investigators are trying to find the owner of that home. >> california has adopted new legislation designed to prevent sexual assaults on college campuses. governor brown signed a bill that makes california the first in the nation to define when yes means yes. that challenges the notion that victims of assault must have resisted assaults in order to have valid complaints. in order for colleges to receive student aid money, they must implement the affirmative consent standard.
5:37 am
yes means yes replaces no means no. >> in his veto message, governor brown said that all throw there may be some circumstances where a warrant is appropriate, the bill just went too far. the measure appeared to impose restrictions on law enforcement that go beyond constitutional protections against reasonable search and seizure and the right to privacy. >> okay, here we are, it is monday. trying to get some energy, some momentum to start off our week here, 5:37 on your monday. you probably want to know how am i going to dress my kids today, how should i dress to start off my work week? >> those are both valid questions, sam, valid questions. i've got the answer. it's going to be really, really nice. we get spoiled here in the bay area when it comes to the fall and now that our leaves are changing color, it's so pretty out there.
5:38 am
we see that peak foliage at the end of october into early november. this morning the weather story of the day is the fact we've got this little trough of low pressure just to the north. that means we'll see a strong onshore flow. once the cloud burn off, beautiful westerly flow persists. good air quality and really spectacular conditions. if you've got outdoor plans you've been putting off, today might be the day to do so and then tomorrow and then we really bring out that heat. 72 on the east shore, season fran, 70 degrees coming your way today. that's a nice day. 80 degrees in the north bay and tri-valley, you'll see the triple digits while you know it so enjoy that 82 degrees while it lasts. looking at oakland, you can see a little bit of cloud cover. we'll check on your drive with mike in just a moment. we're still tracking a chance
5:39 am
for showers. we'll talk about this coming up. first here's mike inouye and that drive. >> we're looking to san jose where things were really jammed up solid and swung the cameras around, a car struggled off the roadway and now we're struggling to recover. this is about the first time we've had a slowdown. typical stretch right here. maybe it starts back a little further but it's moved out over the last few, not a big deal. we have a evened fender bender. one car took off. they cleared the lanes. west 580, no surprise there. we'll talk about the live shot there. coming off the curve, we had an early slowdown and that seems too have stuck around. the fast lanes are --
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>> thank you, mike. >> 5:39 now. the president admittingy underestimated isis. >> plus airports all over the country still trying to recover after an outage in chicago three days ago. how things look today coming up next.
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president obama is blaming bad intel for the terrorists rising. brian moore joins us live from capitol hill with more on the president's push for military action. brian, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, sam. underestimated isis,
5:43 am
overestimated the iraqi's ability to deal with it. the president is trying to sell the nation on the need for military strikes, not just in iraq but also in syria. it's part of a complicated international coalition that he's putting together, but really right now the hard part is building a coalition here at home, especially here in washington with lawmakers on their recess back home campaigning. some of them want to come back and hold a vote, others want nothing to do with this. 72% of the american people believe that boots on the ground in iraq eventually will be inevitable. sam? >> i think we're still holding out hope that will not happen. thank you very much, brian. >> a developing story in hong kong now where waves are public protest are extending into the work weekend bringing much of of the city to a standstill. thousands of residents are defying government calls to abandon street blockades across
5:44 am
the city. the demonstrations were supposed to be confined to central districts, but this morning they're spilling out into other neighborhood, even across the harbor in caloun. hong kong has been run under a one country, two-system style of government since 1997. beijing promised to less residents choose the controlling executive. so far 25 people have been hurt. >> the chinese government is apparently also taking action in cyber space as well. numerous reports indicate instagram has been blocked across china. china's government is not indicating whether the shutdown is tied to the protests going on in hong kong but photos with the
5:45 am
hash tag occupy central are apparently among those being blocked. it only prevents people from seeing the images on mainland china. >> an american doctor, post to the ebola virus has been admitted to the national institutes of health for observation. out of abundance of caution, she's be being treated in an isolation unit. >> police in ferguson, missouri are still looking for the man who shot one of their fellow officers. during protests last night, seven people were taken into custody. police have not said what the protesters are being charged with. the shooting happened while the officer was checking the ferguson community center. he was shot in the arm and we're told he should be okay.
5:46 am
ferguson made international news last summer when an unarmed black man was shot by a police officer. >> at chicago o'hare, this was the scene. travelers sleeping on seats or on the floor as they waited for flights to resume. about 550 flights were cancelled there. repairs are under way at the facility near aurora, illinois where the person set the fire. >> nobody likes to sleep at the airport. what would be nice is starting your fall week. >> if they were here, they could
5:47 am
go outside, enjoy the beautiful weather. but that's a really, really bad scene. you could see flight delays out of sfo just forced by those low ceilings. mondays can be hard so i do everything in my power, my friends, to find you the good news on a monday morning. and the great news have i for you right off the bat is the fact it's going to be just perfect today, no need for the a.c. or the heater. we're waking up with the 50s and 60s, on our way to the 70s, low 80s and that's it. area of low pressure just offshore should lift to our north. it will bring about that onshore flow. the king fire, now 89% contained. and this has everything to do with the the weather weather we had last week, we had some thunderstorms vol over here
5:48 am
we're waiting for the morning update on cal fire. conditions this morning are favorable out there. the wind is light and we have a lot of moisture coming that way. temperatures here in the bay area, wow, hard to beat. 72 degrees. that's room temperature perspective for you. 77 on the peninsula, 80 degrees for the north bay and comfortable conditions even out in the tri-valley. high pressure takes control, keeps that storm track to or it manse we'll see the return -- by wednesday we're up to 85 degrees. the biggest jump will be between wednesday and thursday. a little bit of fog out there this morning. let's check on that drive. here's mike inouye. >> there is fog like you're talking about but drivers have not reported any problems. over here we can clearly see west 580 well lit by all these
5:49 am
lights. we're slowing here coming into dublin and toward the dublin interchange. the slowdown building through livermore. we had an earlier incident right around that interchange. that has cleared. no delays. >> we had a car blocking roadways. i didn't get any update for quite some time and then it just cleared in the last few minutes. there are some regions where there may be foggier conditions. watch vallejo, which did open early the metering lights should be turned on any second here. but looking good as far as the cash lanes. on the peninsula, no problem. no delays for 101 or 280 in san
5:50 am
francisco. howard street is closed between 3rd and 4th. that continues through the end of the week. there will be congestion like there was late last week when they set things up. back to you guys. >> mike, right now a live look outside at coliseum. the raiders hopping a flight in london this morning, flying back from their game at wembley stadium. the team is trying to recover after a dismal loss to miami last night. a thumping. after the it may not believe -- many think this is the end of the line for coach allen and that offensive line coach phony sparano is the rumored
5:51 am
replacement. some good news now, the a's are headed to the postseason. >> that is good news indeed, the a's wrapping up that final wild card spot. it was a special win for pitcher sonny gray. >> it was just about winning the game today. my mom told me before her game it's her birthday today. she said there's only one thing that mick going. >> it's. >> good luck to the athletics. a live look at at&t park. fans still waiting to find out if they will see a playoff game there this postseason. the giants did claim the final wild card spot of the national league but they must go to pittsburgh for a one-game playoff and they have to win that game. that game takes place wednesday.
5:52 am
if they can beat the pirates, they will take on the washington nationals. >> and how a new car could get you arrested in some states. >> not for speeding either.
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welcome back. it is 5:54 on your monday. today facebook debuts a new tools for advertisers to track its 1.3 billion users. the company is rolling out a new version of at list. the advertisers here get to use facebook's marketing data in the process. it is the social networking
5:55 am
giant's most direct challenge to google yet. it could create a new revenue source for facebook and a valuable marketing tool. facebook bat at list last year. >> shrek may soon be answering to a new boss. soft bank has been on the prowl for media deals. it would be the second japanese company to own a hollywood studio after sony bought columbia pictures in 1989. >> general motors right now warning corvette owners do not use one of the car's new high-tech features. >> it is the valet mode which lets drivers secretly record
5:56 am
conversations and performance data when they're not behind the wheel, such sass when you let the valet take your car and park it. this that is illegal in several states, including california. gm is working on a software fix. >> there's only one thing that has to pop into your mind when you hear about that, which has to be ferris buehler's day off, the valet accepting that ferrari and saying, yes, sir, it will be safe here. >> i just remember that ferrari going off the cliff. it is going to be nice out there. temperatures are in the 70s. feels like fall. break out the hoodies and scarf for tomorrow and then you'll
5:57 am
need the summer wardrobe with a heat wave on our hands. >> coming up, we'll continue to watch hong kong where thousands of demonstrator are fighting to maintain autonomy. >> and rescue efforts continue after the deadly erups of a vol karen owe. >> it -- after the deadly eruption of a volcano.
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and we've got some changes coming to your forecast. more of the same for today and tomorrow. getting into the mid section of the week, the heat cranked. then we're talking about 90s, triple digits. >> just saw flashing lights heading north past the coliseum. 880, they're heading toward the bay bridge where the metering lights are on. >> and looking live at the bay lights installation. we hope your monday is off to a good start. it is september 29th. this is "today in the "today i" >> good morning. thanks for joining us on this monday. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. to a story that's


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